What A Hoot!!! (Pun Intended)

I’m still at Slab City deep in the Southern California desert. While here, every morning at sunrise I go for about a 45 minute walk with my long-time friend Leo Perth and his Doberman Dog Deja’. Leo has had Dobermans since the age of 14. As always you may click upon a photo to see and enlarged view and then click once again to see an even larger view…

Yesterday’s sunrise was cloudless. Not as dramatic as when there are some clouds around…but still awesome nonetheless…

As we walk about 100 feet out on the desert floor, Leo has commanded Deja’ to “heel” which she obediently obeys. We stop and Leo commands…”Deja’ sit” and Deja’ sits. After a few seconds Leo yells…”Deja…Break!” and Deja’ heads out on to the desert at a furious full-speed rate. During our walk Leo and I walk about two miles and Deja’ covers about ten miles ranging far and wide. However shortly after breaking…she will stop and stick her nose into a hole in the ground. What’s she looking for???

She has detected…either past or present…the scent of the California Burrowing Owl. There are hundreds of the holes in the ground and one must watch where they walk as it’s really to break through the soil and break an ankle or leg…

A scent…real or imagined…sets Deja’ digging a furious pace…

After a few seconds…she will stop and smell some more…

Nope…guess there’s no one home and she then moves on…repeating the process over and over. Leo says he’s never seen an Owl fly from one on the holes in all the years he’s been coming to the desert. The only thing Deja’ gets from her efforts is a dusty snout!!!

Fortunately and apparently…no harm done!

If you are interested in reading about, seeing photos and hearing the California Burrowing Owl…click this link…

Did you catch the pun? Hoot Owl!  🙂

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2012
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2 thoughts on “What A Hoot!!! (Pun Intended)

  1. Essya

    Oh WOW! What a dramatic first picture of your friend Leo with dear Déjà, and their elongated shadows, against the California desert and (your?) RV.

    Certainly makes today’s frigid -20 degree (Celsius!!) weather and hard ground frost feel a lot less bearable…

  2. ramblinmanjimj

    Hi Essya,
    Thanks for the comment. That’s Leo’s motorhome.
    Hope all is going well for you. Jim

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