Why Would I Back-Track 85 Miles???

In just one word…TRUST!

Yesterday I back-tracked 85 miles from Winterhaven (across the Colorado River from Yuma, Arizona) to Slab City at Niland California. My solar power system is not getting the job done and I’ve returned to Solar Mike to fix my problems…because I trust him.

Here’s a Google Earth view showing my back-track. Yuma is identified with a Y and Slab City with an S. You can click on the image to enlarge it and click on it once again to make it even larger…

Yes, I could have bought new solar stuff from someone I do not know in Yuma. I used to work with Solar Mike’s father before I met Mike for the first time in January, 1996. Here’s the link to the Blog entry when I had our current solar panel and inverter installed on our current motorhome in December, 2009…

He is the only person I have ever bought solar items from for my three different rigs in my 17 years as a full-time RVer. I trust him not to try to sell me expensive and un-needed solar components. I know he will do right by me for both the right equipment and prices.

When I had the one solar panel put on in 2009, I knew at that time it was marginal. But we figured we try it and see how it worked out. Solar items can be pricey and we could always add more. In the last two years we’ve been plugged into electrical shore-power a lot and have managed to get by when on solar power.

However…now to my problem. In the next two years we will see very little time plugged into shore-power as we begin an almost two-year circumnavigation around the United States. Click this link to read about that upcoming adventure… http://wp.me/pDCku-2W9

In addition to little plugged-in time…our storage batteries from which we get all of our living electrical power are approaching the end of their useful life span. I had Mike test them about a month ago and for their age were just okay. So I decided to test them. I’ve not had shore power in the last month…which mean I’ve been operating just on our coach storage batteries.

Low night-time temperatures have a negative effect on battery power and I’ve finally decided this problem needs to be rectified before heading out on our circumnavigation. So yesterday I drove back to Slab City to have Solar Mike fix our problem. I have an 8:30 AM appointment with Solar Mike for tomorrow morning. Like most RVer’s problems…it will be fixed by a little bit of time and a some $$$’s.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2012
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