The Techie’s Two Tips…

Five days ago I published a Blog entry entitled A Techie And His Lady. Click the link to see that posting…

In that entry I indicated that the Techie had offered me a couple of tips that we could incorporate in our motorhome. The tips have been accomplished and here they are…

We have a catalytic heater mounted on the wall below the dinette table. It was the only place available to put  this device which we use for heat when not plugged into shore power. It runs on propane, but does not heat by a flame. Rather, it glows on a platinum pad and produces radiant heat. It had a tendency to somewhat roast our bodies on the side facing the heater and leave the side away from the heater feeling cold. The Techie advised mounting a 4″ computer fan above the heater. Since heat rises, the fan now blows the heat towards the middle of the motorhome and substantially reduces to roasting of the facing side effect. A small toggle switch mounted on the side of my dinette seat turns the fan off and on. It works really well.

Here’s what the installation looks like…

The second tip involved helping control the clutter on our dinette table. Pens, glasses, pads, books, etc, had a tendency to fall off and under the table. It seemed like we could never locate a pen and paper when we needed them. In the below photos you will see the installation of two 9×9″ metal baking pans mounted on two runs of J-Channel. They too work well…

Mary has a tendency to have more “clutter” than myself and should have a bushel basket on her side. Unfortunately there just is not room to install one. 🙂

While small in nature, these two tips will make our lives somewhat more convenient. It’s really nice to be able to find a pen when you need one.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2012
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