A Techie And His Lady…

Yesterday I wrote about my current location here in Yuma, Arizona. Among the first friends I got to visit were Bob Parker and Donna Huffer whom I’ve known for a number of years…

They travel in this rig…total length is 66 feet…

Click to enlarge the photo…then click it again…and look at the doodads on their roof! If you do not know what they are…I’ll tell you. To create electricity there’s a whole bunch of solar panels and a wind generator. In addition there’s an Internet satellite dish as well as an anemometer to measure the wind speed. Don’t miss the kyack atop the roof of the trailer.

Speaking of the trailer…what do you suppose they have in there? Another RV?…nope! An airplane?…nope! A boat?…nope! Extra paper towels?…nope! None of the above!

It’s a mobile garage! Just like you have attached to your house. And what do you have in your garage? Well…so do they. Alongside of the motohome you can see their SUV…well that’s in the garage as they go down the highway. In addition, Bob has his workshop in there.

Bob is a retired die and tool-maker having worked for General Motors for 28 years. This also makes him a very creative person. If you think the outside of their RV is something…you should see the inside. Bob has installed all sorts of doodads to make their interior life more comfortable and convenient. Here’s a recent Blog he wrote about his solar panel installation…

It truth I think he’s a borderline mad scientist!  🙂 Actually he’s a real nice guy who just enjoys being creative. Need a problem solved? Bob’s your guy!

I  think he’s just about out of ideas on what more he can do to their rig. So he helps other folks do things with their rigs. He ended up giving me a couple of ideas which I can use in my rig. When I get them done…I’ll tell you about them.

Bob and Donna are full-timers and very active Geo-cashers…which requires a GPS device…naturally! They go everywhere! Here’s some further information about them that comes from their Blog…

Donna has been on the road since 1998 and Bob since 2004. We are both from Salem, Ohio and met December 2005 on the desert below Quartzsite AZ, having not met previously in Ohio. We joined together and are traveling in a motorhome we purchased together in 2007. We are discovering the country together and even though Donna has been to 49 states she is enjoying seeing new sites with Bob that she hasn’t seen before and he is enjoying seeing everything for the first time. Follow us in our journey across this great land and let us know of places we shouldn’t miss along the way Donna & Bob

You might enjoy following their travels on their Blog at http://parkerrver.blogspot.com/

That’s another thing I love about the full-timing RV lifestyle…you get to meet so any neat and unusual folks!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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One thought on “A Techie And His Lady…

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words. Correction. Canoe on roof, 2 kayaks inside trailer. No lawn mower. 🙂

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