My Current Location Near Yuma, Arizona…

About 12 miles north of Yuma, Arizona is a small parcel…about 5 acres…of BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land where RVers can park for free while visiting the Yuma area. Yuma has dozens of RV parks where one can stay for 35+ dollars a day…but free is good.

My ex-Singles RV group has parked here for a number of years during the Christmas/New Year’s Day period. They are here now so I’ve had a chance to see some old friends even though I’ve elected not to join their gathering. Another reason RVers like this spot is because, daily, the VFW has a band from 2 to 6 PM, that plays good old country and western music that draws a good crowd. In addition, on Christmas Day, the VFW hosted a great meal of ham and all the fixings for only a $5 donation or for free if you brought a dish. I paid the $5 because I do not like to cook. They also have a similar meal on New Year’s Day.

The weather this year has been a little cool…in the 60’s. But, starting today, the long-range forecast is in the 70’s. New Year’s Day current forecast is for sunny and 75 degrees. Right on!…says the Weather Wimp…that’s me according to my life-partner Mary. She’s currently at home enjoying the holidays with her family. She’s scheduled to join me once again in about three weeks.

Here’s what the place looks like…

First a Google Earth view looking from above. This image was taken on September 30, 2006 so the lot appears empty but for three RV’s. The little round spots with a dot in the middle are creosote bushes…found everywhere in the desert southwest.

I’ve identified the adjacent VFW location. I stay a lot at VFW’s but I’m told county regulations do not allow it at this location. I’ve also identified my location with an “x”. Also identified  are where I took below photo’s 1,2 and 3. In these photos I’ve highlighted my location with a yellow marker. You can see enlarged views by clicking on the photos and an even larger view by clicking on the photo once again…

In photo #1, the entrance is just to the left of the stop sign. I’m located along the southerly fence line…tends to be quieter here…

Photos #2 and 3 were taken from atop a small rise…probably about 25 feet above the site elevation which is about 288 feet above sea level…

Here’s a panorama shot…

Like many places I travel these days…the number of RV’s is less. A few years back…this site would be crammed with more than twice as many as there is now. You’d be lucky to find a spot if you came in today, years ago. A long-time friend from the singles group told me 10 years ago they would draw about 150 RV’s. This year they have 58 registered. Quite a difference.

I’ve never particularly liked this location. It tends to be crowded, windy, dusty and noisy because of the vehicle traffic on Highway 95 and the railroad on the other side of the highway. The BLM regulations allow a 14 day stay before one has to move along. At 35+ dollars a day in an RV park…that comes to around $500. Despite the negatives here as identified above…free is good!

Here’s a photo from my location about one hour before sunrise…

and the same shot about five minutes after the sun dipped below the horizon with the VFW in the foreground…

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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