840 Giants…

Yesterday morning I looked out of the kitchen window at 6:15 AM during the first light of the day…and saw something really pretty. So I open the door of the motorhome and took these two photos looking East to share with you. You may click on these photos to see and enlarged view. Double clicking makes them even larger…

And looking to the West in these three photos you can see a full Moon…

How do I know there are 840 of these giant Date Palm trees here at the Thousand Trails RV Resort in Thousand Palms, California? Simple, one of my daily walking friends asked the park manager. So I’m guessing that since the city in which I am located is called Thousand Palms…that there must be an additional 160 of these big guys elsewhere within the city limits. One thing I know for sure is…I do not intend to count them!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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One thought on “840 Giants…

  1. Elaine

    These pictures are beautiful. I’ve been to Thousand Palms a few times, but have never seen it in the moonlight.
    Elaine in BC Canada

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