And The Sea Will Tell…The Movie…

Back on September 12th I wrote a blog entry about a good book…here’s the link…

Since that time I’ve written a couple of other Blog entries about Palmyra Atoll/Island…one mentioning that I had ordered the movie made based on the book.

The movie arrived a couple of weeks ago…

and last night Mary and I watched it. In reality it is not a movie…but a two-part TV mini-series of 90 minutes each. All things considered it was an okay film. In my experience rarely is movie as good as the book…as is the situation here. I gave it a B+.

Since I first read Bugliosi’s…I have read Wesley Walker’s 895 page book (he was convicted of the murders) telling his story. Frankly I liked his story better than Bugliosi’s and wonder why Hollywood did not do a film about his story. Here’s the link for that Blog entry…

Nonetheless…the mystery still remains unsolved. It really happened…but what really happened??? It appears we will never really know.

Both books make for excellent reading…I highly recommend them.

In other news…

Yesterday was cloudy and cold…temp only got to 51. I spent the morning working on two of Mary’s three computers which she had complained were running slowly. She says that whatever I did seems to have worked. Hauled more firewood so we can keep warm and read. A little computer time also. 22 days until my departure to the south land. Rain last night. I’m hoping not to get snowed on before I depart.

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