Whoever thought up the consignment store, was a genius. Bringing your still worthy clothing to a consignment store makes it easier to part with favored pieces  rarely worn. My off the road tasks get easier and easier as I part with accumulated “stuff”.

I can only wear one jacket at a time. So, how many do I need?

I have stacks of clothing all over the house. I can’t  remember the last time I wore some of these clothes.

A dress was hard to part with, but a more casual lifestyle  doesn’t include dressy clothing. It boggles my brain that some people do this regularly and it doesn’t bother them at all. Now that I’m digging, I’m going to add to the pile today. And, the pile going to the thrift store is growing as well.

I also managed to get 48 cups of pie apples into the freezer. Two trees are still heavy with fruit.  The weatherman claims we have at least  three  sunny days ahead.  I expect to get them  picked. Normally, the squirrels eat my walnuts.  The red tail hawks have eliminated every squirrel in my yard which gives me  a crop of  walnuts for the first time in seven years. Nature asserts itself. Autumn in Murphys gave us more sunny days then two summer months in Washington. I’m enjoying the tasks of home. It’s a good balance for me to have home time and road time.

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