Living Well On $11,000 A Year!

Don’t think it can be done? I’ll give you a hint…an RV is involved.

The below link will take you to a recent article on this topic…

As it turns out a very good friend of mine…Randy Vining met this guy a few months back. Here’s a photo of myself and Randy. He’s the taller one…

You might enjoy reading Randy’s Blog about this guy and the article. I urge you to go back a few entries on Randy’s Blog. He likes to write Blog entries that make you think. He’s quite the philosopher and poet. Here’s Randy’s Blog link…

But…it’s not really that big of a deal. A lot of us Rver-types have been doing this for a long while…we just didn’t get into the newspapers.

As a note of interest…prior to meeting Mary three years ago…my expenses averaged about $750 a month…which is $9,000 a year. When Mary is with me expenses go to about $900  a month…or about $10,800 a year. A little more for some extra food and admissions to things I might not have gone to alone. So…whether you can believe it or not…it’s true! I’ve been on the road as a full-time RVer for the last 16 years. When you take into account occasional expenses such as new tires, etc..I’ll be generous and say we might make it to $12,000 a year. So…$1,000 a month for two people traveling full-time…such a deal! Just another reason I love being a full-time RVer!

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One thought on “Living Well On $11,000 A Year!

  1. Randy

    Ah Jim: You’re too kind! You’ve inspired thousands with your travel books and blog. I’m hoping you can attend the rubber tramp convention at Quartzsite, Az on Jan 10/2012.

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