In Never-Never Land…

In yesterday’s Blog entry I discussed finding myself involved with something I thought I would never do again…that is be involved in a garage/yard sale. 16 years ago I had several as I was clearing out of my house readying to shift gears into a full-time RVing lifestyle. At that time…I said to myself…never-never again. I guess it just goes to prove we never know from day-to-day what’s going to happen in our lives.

So yesterday…here I was…helping Mary with her yard sale…back in never-never land. I assumed the roles of a sales associate…general laborer and parking director…

I was going to sell my portable propane campfire/cooker…But Mary having never seen one before…decided she wanted to keep it for her family gatherings…

So…by the end of the day having made $96 dollars for all that work…had Mary saying…NEVER-NEVER AGAIN! From now on she said she’ll just load everything she wants to get rid of into her truck and haul it to Goodwill.

But…ahah…her ads committed her/us to a two-day yard sale. So…once again today…we will enter never-never land again. Hopefully this will be the very last time for both of us.

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One thought on “In Never-Never Land…

  1. Essya

    Never say never, Jim!!! 😉

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