I Never Thought I’d Get Involved Again With…

another garage/yard sale. Let that be a lesson never to say never.

16 years ago when I was clearing out of my house getting ready to begin my full-time RV life style…I had a few garage sales to get rid of a lot of stuff I’d never need. Once I was done with them…I said…enough of that! Never again!

Now…everything I own in the world is within the confines of the motorhome and towed Ford Bronco II…and I really like it that way. It seems the lesser stuff I have…the happier I am!

Then almost three years ago (four days from now) I finally met my life-partner Mary…who all of her life…has been a collect-a-holic. Many times I’ve said she could put a sign on her property and open a museum so people could walk through and be amazed by all the stuff she has collected!  🙂

Then she met me…a guy with very little stuff and began thinking…hummm…maybe less stuff is better. And so…she decided to have a yard sale this weekend and over the last couple of days…here I am once again…involved in a yard sale. Never say Never!

Here are some photos which you can click on to see a larger view. First her living room about 8:00 AM yesterday morning. Then we started hauling stuff from other rooms, garage, guest cottage, storage sheds, etc…

Then the area where the sale will be held. I took these photos about 3:30 PM yesterday afternoon and the work continued until it got dark. There’s still some more things to set out this morning as soon as it gets light…

Last evening Mary declared…it sure feels good to be getting rid of this stuff…but I’m never going to do another yard sale again! Makes me wonder how she’s going to get rid of her other excess stuff that didn’t get into this yard sale. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens!  🙂

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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