Driver Kills Bicyclist…Gets $42 Fine!

On October 4th of this year I wrote a Blog entry about witnessing an accident where two bicyclists were struck by an auto in Oregon. In case you missed it…here’s the link…

In the above accident I’m pleased to report that we very recently heard from one of the two gals who indicated they are on the road to recovery. Still no word whether charges will be filed against the driver in that accident.

Yesterday I read about another accident where a driver who killed a bicyclist got off with a $42 fine. Here’s the link on that story…

That just doesn’t set well with me…how do you feel about it? In my view some kind of charge should be filed against the driver. He killed an innocent person. Just having to live with it for the rest of his life does not seem enough punishment to me.

In other news…

Yesterday Mary went off to be in the Occupy Wall Street protest in Sonora. Here she is with her messages…

I took the day off and had a do nothing day. Played on the computer and did some reading.

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4 thoughts on “Driver Kills Bicyclist…Gets $42 Fine!

  1. Johanna Selberg


    So glad you shared this! I’m the woman in pink on the picture and we’ve been trying to get further information on the girls’ conditions. I could never belive that someone actually documented this. I assume the two girls will find it easier to recollect what happened to them with your report.

    All the best


    • ramblinmanjimj

      Hi Johanna,
      Thanks for your comment. We’ve been in regular touch with Essya (the one who went over the embankment). She has thanked us profusely for taking the photos and has told us that they are on the road to recovery back in Canada. She has promised to keep in touch with us. I’ll forward your message to her. In case you did not see my partner Mary’s Blog about the event…here’s the link…

      • Essya

        And, of course…

        Thank you, Mary and Jim, for putting us in contact with Johanna!!!

        The extraordinary power of the internet, including your blog; never seizes to amaze me :))

    • Essya and Martha

      Johanna, you’ll forever be our hero… Our gratitude and online hugs will never be enough!!!

      And thank you for your email! We very much enjoyed reading about your US adventure and the exciting news :)) May; what a beautiful month! The great Canadian Tulip Festival is held annually in our Nation’s capital, Ottawa. GRATTIS!!!

      Tack för allting… gång på gång!

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