California Wine Country…

Yesterday we traveled the about 135 miles from Cloverdale to Stockton, California. Along the way…we wandered through the heart of California Wine Country…transiting Calistoga and Napa. We saw miles and miles of grape vines.

Here are some photos…which if you click on you will get to see in an enlarged view…

Usually every day we work to bring you neat photos to enjoy. Sometimes they require a real effort to obtain. For instance…here’s Mary getting one for her Blog…

We arrived at American Legion Post #16 in Stockton where we were to spend the night.

Upon arrival we were met by Rick Caccam…Second Vice-Commander. Rick proved to be a very friendly and amiable fellow. He opened the bar just for us and we enjoyed a very pleasant 1.5 hours chatting with him. All the cars in the parking lot were for a family gathering in a rented hall.

In addition to once being in the U.S. Air Force…he’s a retired law enforcement officer.  He has also been involved in his local Drum and Bugle Corps for 32 years and travels all over the United States participating in Drum and Bugle competitions. He also serves as the Honor Guard Bugler for American Legion Post #16 in Stockton. With a little encouragement…just like Charles Kurault used to do…we got him to give us a little demonstration with his small emergency “Pocket Trumpet” which he keeps in his truck for emergencies such as this.

Here’s a short video of Rick doing his thing…

If the video does not work…click this link…

Here’s a link to Rick’s musical enrichment group…

Finally…here is a never-before-seen happening. I seldom drink beer anymore…but when I do it’s usually Miller Lite…which Mary affectionately calls horse-piss. Mary really enjoys crafts beers…the darker the better. Well…yesterday…in the bar with Rick…the darkest beer that they had in the house was regular draft  Budweiser…which in my three years of knowing Mary…I have never seen her drink. Well…I caught the event on camera and here it is…Mary drinking horse-piss! A memorable moment…

So yesterday was our last full day on the road for the summer season. Today we’ll retreat to Mary’s home about 65 miles from here and for the next few weeks the motorhome and Bronco will get a thorough cleaning in preparation more travels on the road again!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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