It feels good to know the injured cyclists are healing and will soon be reunited with their families. Essya’s positive joy of her ride before the accident reminds me to be thankful for the  beauty we saw and the poetry of the road. The names sing to me as we pass by them,  Humbug Mountain, Brash Creek, Pigeon Pt. Rd., Niska Beech, Jerrys Flat Rd. Tom Cat Hill, Rd. Boomer Bend, Sunken Grade, Cape Sebastion, Pistol River, Hawks Rest Ranch, Byrdies Lane, Arch Rock Place, Burnt Hill Beach.

Foaming, gloaming, sighing, splashing sea upon the rocks.

Gentle, relentless waves; receding foam painting patterns on the sand.

IndianSands,  Whaleshead Beach, Sundown Dr., Breakaway Rd., Shigh Creek, Harris Beech Heights Rd., Sand Mine Rd., Yurok Indian Reservation, Minot Creek.

House Rock, Eggers Rd., Rainbow Rock, Deer Park Dr., Cape Ferrelo, Lone Ranch Creek, Tuola Dunes,  China Creek, Spruce Creek and the highest bridge in Oregon, Thomas Bridge. Wikipedia has some information about it.  I would like to have been able to stop and look over the edge for a thrill.

We took alternative 101 to follow the avenue of the giants.

Immortal giants thousands of years old.

Since I’m a tree hugger, cutting them seems sinful.

They are so dense that the earth seems quiet and at peace when you stand under them.

It is best to take this 32 mile avenue in a car. Pull outs are narrow and  parking for a motor home is limited.

The Avenue Of The Giants  is part of Humboldt Redwoods State Park. It contains 100 miles of hiking, biking and riding trails and several camp grounds.

They are the tallest trees in the world-redwood sempervirons.

One reason they live so long is they are resistant to fire and most wood eating insects.

A view up inside the burned out hollow of this still living tree.

Then, back to the ocean and Fort Bragg for the night.

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  1. If you have the chance to, try and hike into the fern gulley. I don’t remember the turn off, but it’s on the maps and it was a wonderful easy hike.

    • 2gadabout

      Is it south of Mendocino? Or north on the Coast Highway? We are steadily moving toward our winter billet in the foothills above Sacramento and will stay for two and one half months. I’ll look for it because we travel every year into Washington State and back. Thanks for the heads up.

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