Rainy, blustery, Northwest weather. After last nights rain, we thought our feet had grown webs during the night. But, safe and secure at Jim’s good friends, CeeCee and Aaron Canvasser who live out on Cape Blanco Rd. near an interesting lighthouse.

It is listed on the National Historic Monuments, but not open the day of our visit.

A similar beacon located at the mouth of the Umpqua River, visible from the road on Winchester Bay is a popular clamming area.   Small towns along highway 101 are popular with tourists who like to boat and fish.

Unique to the area are dunes. We saw many signs for dune buggy rentals and truck/trailers pulling dune buggies. Dunes National Recreation Area lies along this stretch of highway.

Where there’s water there’s bridges, beautiful arches resemble an abstract painting.

Near Bandon.

Possibly the Suislaw River Bridge. Photographing bridges on the fly.

A rotating railroad drawbridge near Florence.

The Northwest sends lumber all over the state and a mill at Coos Bay with huge sawdust piles is the leftovers. At one time sawdust was burned as waste. No longer.

Coos Bay is a charming place to visit. Old and new buildings mingle. At certain times of year you can buy chowder and live crabs along the waterfront. A picturesque area at Bandon.

But the best part for me was meeting CeeCee, wife of Aaron Canvasser. I’d met Aaron before at Apache Junction in January when he was ballroom dancing at an International venue. CeeCee wasn’t able to attend with him. Yesterday, we parked in their yard and enjoyed a game of Quiddler, snacked, sipped and visited. CeeCee cooked us a great seafood pasta for dinner. I have great memories of Aaron because he gave me a memorable haircut and I consider him my favorite barber. We both laughed as people passing by asked for their own “free” haircut. And then, Aaron challenged me to cut his hair, which I did.

We’ve been accused of having too much fun.


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