Living on the road like we do, people always ask, where are you from?  The answer  is complicated  for Jim since he is in his sixteenth year of  living  full-time in a motor home. Many askers claim they would do it if only…

It takes courage to sell what you own, give up a complete former lifestyle and hit the road full-time. Many do it in stages by  simplifying home life, taking longer and longer trips. Or, living in two places in their RV, a summer climate in winter, and a winter climate in summer.

Traci, raised six children, her youngest just leaving home at 18, and she is rarin’ to go.  Over the years Jim has figured out how to live  life on the road economically as a  full timer.  When Traci wanted to make her dream come true, she found out renting an RV, paying mileage and then paying park fees, the cost for even a month was more than she wanted to pay.

She, and many who ask, are probably not going to be full timers on the road, but there are millions of full and half timers on the road, enjoying a carefree life, free of  responsibilities, living  simply and enjoying it.  I found links to three informative sources of information for wannabees, and there were several more.  If that fits your dream, have a look.

We enjoyed an evening of sociability at the Moose Club in Wilsonville, OR.

We watched the Thursday Night dart games after the potluck dinner. New to me- electronic dart boards. Players insert money and enter their name. The board tracks the score, and flashes the name of the next player up . Each team plays two games.

It is competitive game, but the players were obviously having fun.

Also new to me was a battery operated wine cork remover.  Not a bad idea considering how difficult it can be to remove the new plastic corks.

Earlier in the day we went to the grocery store and I took this picture of the parking lot.  You would never see a parking lot with beautiful shade trees at a shopping center in California. They would have mowed those trees down for a few more parking places and less maintenance and given you pure,  hot asphalt.  Reminds me of that  song…”pave paradise, and put up a parking lot…”

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  1. Excellent site. Great post. Well done.

  2. 2gadabout

    Thanks, Sam.

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