My friends, to know where we came from it may interest you to see a picture of the oldest car in the world that is still running.  And, it runs on water.

Commissioned by French entrepreneur, Count de Dion, and built by Georges Bouton and Charles-Armand Trepardoux, the 1884 De Dion steamer was nicknamed “La Marquise” after the Count de Dion’s mother. Measuring just nine feet in length, La Marquise features twin compound steam engines, “spade handle” steering and seats four people “dos-a-dos” (back-to-back). The seats are located on top of the steel tank, which holds 40 gallons of water, good for about 20 miles; its sophisticated boiler, fed by coal or coke, can be steamed in 45 minutes. Of course, it has to stop every 20 miles to refill the water tank, but isn’t that a gas!  (Pun intended)  The car is currently up for auction.

Hydrogen “steam” technology is making some headway, but electrics are far an away the choice for the new cars all over the world.

I’m so into the new cars, the electrics and the possibilities. There are literally hundreds of them out there. But, our good congress people don’t support new technologies with much effort because half or more of them are too busy bickering and beholden to the oil companies. Too bad we can’t fire the whole bunch and start over with new rules.

Take a look at some of the innovative cars in other countries:

A British car conversion, powered by coffee grounds.

A sporty Chinese electric that may or may not be built by Ford Motor Company. Hmmm!

This is BMW’s electric scooter. I own an electric scooter, and a Prius. But this scooter is much sexier than the one I have. Hoo, hoo!

France will put 4,000 new sporty electrics on the road in 2012.  (Couldn’t find the picture.)

The prediction is that electrics are going to be the cars of the future. They are getting better and better. There is an ECON show going on in Missouri where home conversions are on display. One couple converted their Opel from a Youtube video instruction.It isn’t that hard, folks.

I’m in Wilsonville, OR. visiting Portland with a very competent Real Estate person over the next couple days. So, I will try and find the innovative technologies I promised in yesterday’s blog.

If you are really into new technologies, try Gizmag Emerging Technologies Magazine online and Gas 2.0. where most of this information came from.



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  1. Randy

    Terrific post Jim—-I think I’m getting an education—-but I don.t believe the coffee ground thing. Randy

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