Moving south, Vancouver/Portland today. Leaving the parks, the deep woods, the beauty…the rain.  Well, it did rain most of yesterday and its been a cool (but enjoyable) summer. In fact, we walked for an hour and forty-five minutes on Saturday, taking pictures mostly. Practice with the new camera for me.  We used our  rainy day for doing the washing and house cleaning. Sample my pictures. I’m trying to improve my photography since we do so much of it. I can’ seem to get enough of  moss coated trees. A Fern beginning to turn yellow. At one time a major industry in Chehalis was shipping ferns to nurseries. Amazing that only one leaf on this tree had turned color. Why this one? Weeds with the delicacy of a Japanese painting. I almost tossed this photo but Jim showed me how to crop it into something closer and more appealing. Horsetail reminds me of bamboo. A bright red leaf attracts the eye.        Peeking through the trees.


Fairy seeds blowing in the breeze.

Oregon Grape.

Peeling bark.

Chehalis has been one of the quietest places to stay. Of course, it’s off season by now. Lovely.

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