Just One Day Every Other Year…

is what we were told.

Yesterday afternoon about 4:00 PM Mary and I went for a walk at our campground…Thousand Trails RV Resort in La Connor, Washington. Out of the 60 resorts in the system…Thousand Trails does not own the property on which this campground is situated…but leases it from the Swinomish Indian Tribe.

While on our walk I noticed a lot of vehicles parked on Lone Tree Point…and I knew what was going on…the one day every other year when the tribe harvests salmon from this location. Mary took this photo of me overlooking the scene…

I told Mary I could tell the tide was incoming and we should get closer to watch the proceedings which I had seen in past years. Gaining a better viewing point I got these photos…

Once the net is in on the shore..they throw the salmon into big bins to be hauled away by a truck. Here’s a short video showing the flying fish…watch the person on the far left taking pictures…that’s Mary getting in close to the action…

If the video does not work…click this link..


While this is a one day every other year activity…it is a full day activity and they had four large bins on a truck ready to be hauled away.

Remember the first photo above? Well we watched the activities for perhaps 20 minutes and when we left the tide had indeed come in…the passage was now covered with water about 25 feet wide and ankle-deep! Since we had no other choice…in we went and walked back to our motorhome with soaking wet shoes and socks. No problem…by this morning they were all dried out and wearable once again.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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