Yesterday Was A Good News Day…

in four different ways.

First…my new Sony Digital Camera…which replaces my factory defective camera sent to Sony for repair…arrived from Amazon in less than 24 hours after I placed the order…with no shipping charges to me. Amazing! I carefully inserted the memory card…took a couple of photos and it seems to be working fine.

Second…after five different phone calls to the Sony Repair Center in Laredo, Texas I finally got an Email with a Fedex tracking number. The un-repaired camera is scheduled to arrived by 4:30 PM today. Once it arrives…I’ll open the package to add the associated components and documents and then tomorrow ship the unit to Amazon…completing the replacement exchange.

Third…my friend/mechanic Mike in Monroe called last evening to tell me that he will have the time to do my Bronco transmission work for me. The transmission leaked some fluid last Friday after it got hot climbing Mt. Constitution on Orcas Island. While it’s not leaking at the moment….I’ve decided that because of the age and mileage on it…to replace all the associated seals. On Monday we will drive about 60 miles south to Monroe so Mike can do the job next week. I’d rather have him do it here…a person who I know and trust…rather than have it breakdown out on the open road and have to deal with an unknown transmission shop.

Fourth…last evening at dusk Mary and I took a walk to test the low-light capabilities of our new camera. Using the Anti-Blur setting…the one we will use in museums that do not allow flash photography…I took the below photos. After I ran them through Picasa…which I do with all my photos…they turned out just fine. If you left click them…they should be viewable in the larger size…

I would not have been able to take theses photos with my old Olympus camera without using a flash…which is a very harsh direct kind on light. The new camera…in this low-light setting…actually takes six shots…all at different exposures in one second…then combines then into one final photo. I’m most pleased with this first test of my new Sony DSC HX5V camera.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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2 thoughts on “Yesterday Was A Good News Day…

  1. It’s a great Camera^^

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