Customer Service – Recent Night And Day Experiences

Recently…on August 1st…I wrote my very first rant ever…entitled A Full-Time RVers Perspective On Customer Service.

Here’s the link in case you missed it…

Since that time I have experienced the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF MY LIFE!

It all revolves around my new Sony Cyber-Shot DSCHX5V Camera…as shown here…

I ordered the camera from Amazon on July 25…received it July 29…and after a short while found the memory card slot to be factory defective…so on August 6…shipped it to the Sony Customer Satisfaction Repair Center in Laredo, Texas. Without going into all the specific details…trust me on this…Sony has the very worst of customer service! Here’s the Sony logo…how appropriate that for other than the words…it’s all black! Also the words…Make.Believe…how appropriate for that’s exactly describes their customer service. Don’t get me wrong…I love Sony products and have bought many over the years. This is the first time that I have had to deal with their so-called customer repair service. Again…just trust me…they do not have a clue what those words mean! I finally demanded that they return the unrepaired camera to me. As you might have already guessed…that’s my recent Night experience.

Now on to the Day experience…Amazon…they are just terrific! I went to their online site…entered my phone number…and WITHIN FIVE SECONDS…my cell phone rang and it was an Amazon customer service representative on the line wanting to know how he could help me. Again…without going into all the details…I ordered a replacement camera…same Sony model. They are not even charging me for the replacement camera…but trusting me to return the defective camera to them. I ordered the camera at 2:00 PM yesterday and it is scheduled to be delivered today. NOW…THAT’S CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Mr. Sony…I hope you get to read this second rant of mine. You make great products…but your customer service stinks! I would have used stronger words…but I’m a gentleman. End of Story!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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