My New Camera Arrives…

Well…kinda-sorta…after being notified on my computer by the package tracking system…I actually drove about five miles to the small post office in Bow, Washington about 3:00 PM yesterday to pick it up…rather than wait for the delivery today.

First impressions are that it’s definitely smaller and lighter than my Olympus Stylus 800 which it is replacing. It has a real nice “feel” to it. Very quiet and the menus are very intuitive…I was able to wander through the menus without needing to refer to the 60 page Instruction Manual or the 160 page Handbook.

After a brief acquaintance with the camera…it was time to go to work. If you are a regular follower of my Blog…you know I HATE Microsoft and avoid it whenever possible…like the plague. 2-3 years ago…whenever Windows XP Service Pack 3 came out I tried to download it and it thoroughly screwed up my computer. I was two days uninstalling it and getting the computer to work again. After that I shut off the Microsoft Automatic Updates and have been quite happy since…thank you very much.

However…this new camera requires Service Pack 3 and so it was with some trepidation that I turned on the Microsoft Automatic Updates and began the downloading of 72 updates before it would let me get to Service Pack 3 to download it. In addition I also had to download the associated Sony software. Four hours later…it appears everything downloaded without any interfacing problems. I even managed to turned on my computer this morning and it actually worked…so far…without any problems…I say…keeping my fingers crossed as I type…which is actually a little difficult to do.  🙂

Other than having to go into Burlington today for a couple of things…one of which is to return the wrong spare battery for the camera that I mistakenly ordered…the better portion of this day will be spent getting acquainted further with the new camera and its associated software. After six years with my Olympus…it appears I’ve got to learn some new ways of doing things. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?…especially if he has no choice to learn these new tricks to go in a forward direction. Wooff!

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