Yesterday hit 92 degrees. I  was dreading it.  I keep my doors and windows open and let in the night breezes. I have to wear a sweat shirt when I get up at 5:00 a.m. I closed everything up when it reached 60 degrees. By lunchtime it was 89 degrees. In the house,  It was still cold and decided to eat lunch on the deck for a little warmth.

It was comfortingly warm and balmy, I felt like I was taking a warm bath. Delicious. The only downside was eating alone. But I chuckled as I thought of Jim, in his sweats, having cold rainy mornings. Hmmm! Even Northern California weather has a lot to recommend it.  Low humidity is key. I like it.

Earlier I picked strawberries for my breakfast. And, before it got too hot, I took a walk.

This young Red Tail Hawk was perched on a low wire, and I stopped to take his picture.  He  stayed there for several minutes while I watched.

It wasn’t until I loaded my pictures into my computer that I noticed something unusual about this hawk. Do you see it? Then I realized why he  flew only a short distance away to a nearby tree.  There was another bigger hawk, probably a female,  nearby calling from atop a telephone pole.

He may have a mate. I’ll watch for him in the coming days. I know hawks stay within a range of about ten to twenty-five miles.

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