Shifting Internet Gears…Part 1

Modern technology is very interesting. In our motorhome we can wander just about anywhere and still have Internet and cell phone service.

In the below photo you can see our current set up velcro-ed to the passenger-side wall in the motorhome.  Plugged into a 12 volt DC source is the Cradlepoint (upside down) Router which is about the size of a deck of cards. The router allows both Mary and myself to be online at the same time with no wired connections. Plugged into the router is the smaller Verizon 3G USB760 modem. The USB760 modem is plugged into a Wilson Amplifier (not shown in this photo). With these three rather small devices we have a secure 3G Internet and cell phone service.

Our current Verizon 3G service provides 5 gigabytes a month for $59.95 per month…the largest service plan available for 3G service. We’ve had no system problems since I installed it in November, 2009.

However, when Mary is traveling with me…both of us Blogging and doing other Internet stuff…we are more frequently finding ourselves bumping up against the 5 gigabyte monthly limit before our month has passed.

In December 2010, Verizon introduced the much faster 4G service and for only $20 a month more…we can get a 10 gigabyte monthly plan. 4G is still very new and only available in major metropolitan markets…where we seldom get near with the motorhome. However…the 10 gigabytes is most attractive to us, so we have decided to shift Internet gears. The 4G speed is not the motivator…it’s the 10 gigabytes a month.

The shifting gears began yesterday with the arrival of our new Verizon 4G Pantech UML290 Modem. If 4G is available… it latches on. If it is not available…it reverts to 3G. In the below photo…the new 4G modem (top) is somewhat larger than the 3G modem (bottom). Being as it has to be able to handle both 3G and 4G…I guess that’s understandable.

So, I spent yesterday afternoon getting the new modem up and running.

OF COURSE… the new modem will not work in our current router…as well as the 12 volt DC power cord or the adapter cable to connect to the Wilson amplifier. All three of those items are scheduled to arrive today via Fedex….and when they arrive I’ll work on getting them all functioning properly…hopefully!

You can read all about it in…

Tomorrow’s Blog: Shifting Internet Gears…Part 2.

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