Traveling the way we do, we forget what it’s like raising kids. At my daughter’s, a couple of neighbor boys slept over in the living room.

We fed the boys breakfast on the patio and 13 year old Michael fell asleep at the table. It must have been a hard night.

Grandson, Austin spends at least one Saturday per month at the local Home Depot on a building project they sponsor for kids. He has a work apron, a pre-cut wood project ready to assemble. Glue and nail with decals. He paints his projects at home. This little tool box is for his father, for Father’s DaySmart marketing teaching kids to enjoy working with tools in an age where they press computer buttons on their video games and spend time glued to some type of screen or another. The kids are rewarded with a certificate of completion¬† and a button to pin on their apron. Austin has completed quite a few projects.

Part of that marketing strategy gets the parent in the store to do some shopping, which we did, looking for a clothes line. I spotted an employee wearing a very hardware store type of earring, a heavy nut. Rather fun, appropriate.

Then we spent the afternoon at Laurie and Ken’s playing Rumikub.

Son Ken fixed tacos for everyone.

Weekends with kids- family time, is pretty good stuff.

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