Before flying to Southern, CA,  I met this young family in the park. I was dazzled by this young mother because I would see her pass by a couple of times a day with one child on her hip, another in the stroller, her left hand hanging onto the dog’s leash and  fishing gear balanced on the stroller.  I remember those super mom days. We talked about St. Bernards since I once owned a Bernard of my own, named Charlie. Charlie,  a pound dog, turned up  pregnant. That’s when we found out Charlie was  a girl.  The Bernard in the photo is Bear, a male short hair. We never did exchange names.

Flying takes a lot of energy and time that I’d prefer not to spend, but, there are times flying is a must to get somewhere when you need to. My friend Wendy picked me up at the airport and we spent a lavish afternoon on her deck talking, enjoying a bit of wine. Made the trip worth it.

When Paul got home, instead of cooking, we repaired to the nearest Mongolian Barbeque and enjoyed the stir fry. It had been years since I’d eaten at one of these restaurants. They’ve changed  since I’ve been to one. Here you are allowed seconds if you like and they serve rice at the table and fortune cookies as well.Very American, these Mongolians. (I’m remembering my trip to China.)

Of course it’s alway’s fun to watch them cook your food.

Wendy just returned from a trip to Australia to visit her mom. I forgot to ask her if the Mongolians have invaded Australia.

Like me, Wendy likes ethnic art and food.

This is African.

This horse guards the fruit bowl.

A goat to remind you that we share our planet with animals.

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