Everywhere at Thunderbird Monroe, is the sound of water. It trickles and gargles its way to the great Snohomish at our backs, forming shady glens, and gravelled pools. Comfortable respite-in hot weather.

Rhododendrons bloom everywhere in various shades of red and lavender.  On the road,  hybrid peach and yellow rhodies bloom in yards  along the way. I have just one more day to enjoy them and the swimming pool before leaving for Southern California on Monday.

We went to town looking for a bean bag to stabilize the rear view camera mount.  Second hand stores are always fun. At Cinderella’s Closet I found this sign:  I laughed while Jim pretended he didn’t know what it meant.  We didn’t find a bean bag, but we happened upon My LA Fashion Store, a place that specialized in designer jeans. Cindy retired from Los Angeles at 44, moved to Monroe, got bored and opened up this store. Neither of us had ever seen mannequins that emphasized the derriere before.

There was a whole line-up of them on the street.

Actually, our real goal in town was to meet Jim’s lifelong friend, Al Penta and meet his girl friend, Kim. These guys, always cutting up, made Kim appear eight feet tall.

Al and Jim were both in the Navy during Viet Nam, and Al came home an avid pacifist.  He met Kim about three years ago. Both are vegetarians and like me, anti-war, peaceniks.

Al and Jim, both bachelors for many years, get together and meet for lunch  when Jim passes through Monroe. Al claimed, having lunch with a couple of women included, made their traditional, yearly lunch more fun. It was no surprise to me that women are more fun.

If you are interested in Peace Organizations, there are over 100 of them listed at this address. My favorite, Give Peace A Chance wasn’t listed. Others, you can find:  Refuse To Kill, Muslims Peace Fellowship, Westpoint Graduates For Peace, Grandmothers for Peace, Physicians For Social Responsibility…anyway, give it a look:

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2 thoughts on “REFUSE TO KILL

  1. Mary: Cannot resist quoting Sam Harris on the subject of pacifism: “pacifism is ultimately nothing more than a willingness to die, and let others die, at the pleasure of the world’s thugs. Re: the Snohomish river—and the luxuriant growth along its banks–It affects me the same way–sweeps me away. I hope all that sweet water is ultimately put to good use.

  2. 2gadabout

    Most peaceniks are not passive, they are activists and take a role in promoting peace. I stand corrected. I should have said anti-war activist instead of pacifist. Very important distinction.

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