A Match Made In Heaven…

Yesterday Mary and I went to downtown Monroe, Washington to meet up with my friend Al and his girlfriend Kim.  Al and I met 60 years ago when we were ten years old in the fifth grade in Revere, Massachusetts. Al has lived in Monroe for many years. It’s interesting that we both ended up living in Washington. Kim, whom neither Mary or I had not previously met, and Al have been together for three years. We spent an enjoyable 1.5 hours in a local Mexican restaurant. They seem very well suited for each other.

Now for the match made in heaven part…

She is a State of Washington employee and lives in Seattle and hence does not own a car…Al owns a car. Kim owns a cell phone, computer and a microwave oven…, Al, The Neanderthal Man,  owns none of these items. I’m guessing he wants to make sure none of these items are just passing fads… 🙂 They both own bicycles!

Like I said… a match made in heaven!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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