Everett, Washington

Yesterday Mary and I drove the about 13 miles from Tulalip to South Everett, Washington. We had planned to spend a couple of nights in the Wal-Mart parking lot while Mary looked at real estate investment properties (condos). I immediately had suspicions of a problem when I saw the no overnight parking signs. A phone call to the store manager confirmed he had no problems with us parking there, but a City of Everett ordinance was the problem. He assured us that during the middle of the night the police would be banging on our door telling is we had to move on. Not such a good deal!

So while Mary went looking at condos with a real estate agent, I got on the Internet and made arrangements for us to stay in the Fraternal Order Of Eagles #13 (my lucky number) parking lot only a couple of miles from downtown Everett. I doubled back north about nine miles to get the motorhome set up while Mary went property shopping….

Mary returned about 4:45 PM and we went into the Eagles Club to find some very friendly people. We also enjoyed a very tasty meal of fish and chips. We are scheduled to be here for two nights while Mary looks at more condos today.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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