Some things never change——Like the weather.  It seems that way, with more of the same, cold and rain and more rain.

We took the Bronco to town, stopped at the visitors center for  a map and picked up information about real estate, restaurants, things to do. Western Washington University campus sits on a hill and overlooks Bellingham Bay. A brochure about their outdoor sculpture collection intrigued me so off we went. It’s a pretty campus with its view of the Bay.  We inquired about the sculptures at the University information center and learned that one would have to park and hike to see them. Parking is difficult, and limited. The place is steep; it was cold and wet. We  decided to pass. But, the sculptures are visible on-line with tours of North and South campus at this address: http://westerngallery.wwu.edu/sculpture.shtml

The college paper was a hoot. They just held their Second Annual Sexual Awareness Condom Fashion Show.  It’s a fun way to remind students about safe sex and condom use. You can see the contestants and their original costumes on line at this address: http://blogs.westernfrontonline.net/photos/galleries/condom-fashion-show-presents-creativity-and-performances/

The college paper reviewed  a homey little cart with homemade German food. Schnitzel, prepared several different ways,  multiple types of sausages with roasted onions and sauerkraut and homemade mustards, German potato salad, strudel, black forest pudding.  Couldn’t resist.  It takes six minutes for Ilse to prepare the schnitzel. Everything else is  faster. Ilse’s Schnitzel Haus prices range from $3.50 to $9.95, the most expensive thing on the menu.  A delightful gal to talk too.  But, no beer.

It’s located in the parking area of the Public Market at 1530 Cornwall Ave.  During cold weather, you take your food inside the market to eat.

Small tables, some of them artfully painted. A book nook, to read or buy. Wifi and a delicatessen serving a wide variety of ethnic foods. Somewhat like a Whole Foods Store. Reminded me a bit of kitschy places around UC Berkeley, or some of the little restaurants around Chico State. Fun place.

This ad on the bulletin gave me a chuckle. For $325 a month, I think I’d move right in and try it for a season.

Being a tea drinker, I liked the colorful pot with its green steam. Painted figures carrying coffee and tea-pot backpacks and hand bags decorated or table. I love this stuff. Jim thinks I’m nutty.

We both enjoyed this bumper sticker laden vehicle in the parking lot, probably for different reasons.  Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes. This person is wide open and brave.

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