I didn’t know how much work it was going to be, but I finally completed four family heritage scrapbooks that I’d promised my kids eleven years ago. Finally, done. They are two inches thick and have about 150 pages each. Its part genealogy, family lore, many pictures, and the high points of their father’s careers. It was worth doing and I enjoyed looking over the past, and making everything cohesive and readable. This project was why Jim was “banished” as he put it. Since he arrived, he’s been very considerate, not interrupting my work and giving me space to proceed without distraction. (I thought it would take me three weeks instead of six.)
I’m not fond of champagne, but, I wanted to celebrate. I looked for a bottle of Celebration Ale-didn’t have any. I mean, this is pretty low key stuff, anyway. Mostly just patted myself on the back that I had finished it before dementia set in.  And, I did find a bottle of barley wine, which suited me fine. Took a nice, long walk, and Jim downloaded a 1928 silent movie about Joan of Arc.
But, I’m blathering. Scrap booking has become an industry. Stores devoted to putting together memories and events are very popular and I think its because we need that connection to our family history to feel complete. It gives us insight into what made us who we are and how we arrived at our particular arrangement of  life.
Feat accomplished.

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6 thoughts on “FEAT ACCOMPLISHED

  1. I think your blog is an even better heritage record because it shows the evolution of your mental life.

  2. karen Phillips

    I’m soo happy for you, but mostley I’m happy for your 4 wonderful children..you’ve given then “time in a bottle”. They are truly blessed to have a Mother like you…those pages of memories and love will be read over and over and over.


  3. 2gadabout

    Thanks, Kare

  4. A family heriloom has been created–I know it will be cherished by each of your children! Ive been doing some genealogy lately and was able to find a photo of a GRAVE of the family member who I was tracking–that was awesome-congrats on your accomplishment its a worthy one!

  5. 2gadabout

    Genealogy, as I’ve discovered, contains many surprises. Before my husband died, we discovered that his mother married his father under a false name. We have no idea what past she was covering up? And, it wasn’t the only surprise. An adventure to be sure.

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