Time For A Rotation Test…

In my March 18, 2011 Blog entry I reported that after a year-plus contemplation, I had finally figured out how to hang Mary’s Mobile Art Gallery in our motorhome. To read that entry, click this link…


The problem took so long because she wanted to be able to “rotate” her art prints on a regular basis because she didn’t want to be looking at only one print continuously.

So I finally got the frame rigged and hung…

Yesterday I decided it was time to put the “rotation” concept to the test to see if it would really work as I had figured…

First step was to lift the frame off of the cup hook in the ceiling…easy enough.

Then I used my finger to push the four rotation tabs out-of-the-way so I could remove the several prints from the frame…

Once the prints were “rotated”…I re-assembled the frame and…Viola!…the print “rotation” concept works as planned!

Whenever I help Mary solve a problem, I always sing her this little tune…”It’s so nice to have an Engineer around the house!”

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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