Tata Motors of India, has come up with some startling innovative automobiles. This one will make you green with envy as petrol pushes toward $5 a gallon. In India, you can buy this car for around $8,000 dollars. It  runs on compressed air. That’s right. Compressed air, zero emissions.
It costs about $2 for a fill-up which will run about 10 hours, or approximately 200 miles. It has a glued,  fiberglass body instead of a welded, metal body, which is one of the reasons it won’t get exported to the U S.  The 2nd biggest hurdle would be the powerful oil lobby we have here.

Its a great city car. If you don’t live close enough to a station that can fill you up in 3 minutes, the six seater carries a compressor that can fill you up at home in 3 to 4 hours. Now, that’s an auto to make the world a better place. In India, the Tata will be available in August of this year.

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  1. BOY we need this type innovation in the USA..but as long as the oily hands are around our throats it WONT happen! IM so over capitalism~ it holds the majority of people back while a handfull are hurdled into Wealth beyond belief~

  2. Your daughter

    No emissions from the car….but unless they are using solar energy to fill those compressed air containers, there are emissions somewhere. You don’t get something for nothing.

    • 2gadabout

      From the exhaust, it emits cold air and helps cool the pavement. Charging in 3 minutes or 4 hours is electrical. Admittedly, electric power is mostly powered from coal, which is slowly changing. There are dams, more wind and solar. Even so, the result is cleaner air to breathe.

  3. 2gadabout

    I LOVE that phrase, “I’m so over capitalism..” Its great with regulation. One broker I heard on a forum said its the best system, if everyone does his or her job perfectly and doesn’t cheat or get greedy. Fat chance!!

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