They Finally Did It…

I’m still at the Thousand Trails RV Resort at Morgan Hill, California. In recent days I’ve reported about high water conditions on Uvas Creek due to lots of rain in the past several days.

Yesterday It DOWN-POURED all day long! About 1:15 PM, once again the park ranger was banging on the door to my motorhome. Instead of handing me a piece of paper about the high water conditions…this time she shouted…”We’re probably going to close the bridge in about one hour!”…meaning the only way into and out of this campground.

In case you missed it, this is the entrance bridge to the campground as shown in my March 13th Blog post. I took this from the driver’s seat of the motorhome while entering the park. Uvas Creek is usually just a trickle under the bridge…

All of the below photos are taken from the inside of the campground looking towards the exit of the park.

To continue with my story… about 3:15 PM the rain subsided for a few minutes and I went the about 200 feet from my motorhome and took this photo of the  bridge still open to traffic…

Shortly thereafter here came the downpour of rain once again. About 4:45 PM, once again the rain let up a little and when I went out to see the bridge…this time it was closed to traffic…

That’s a lot of WATER OVER THE BRIDGE!

A little up-stream there is another bridge that goes to another section of the campground. Don’t even think about going there right now…

So while the only bridge to the outside world was closed…in effect it meant we were isolated until the water subsided. Every day X amount of RV’s arrive and depart at the campground. Yesterday afternoon…nobody was going or coming anywhere!

I publish my Blog postings about 5:30 AM every day. I was really curious…was the bridge still closed?  It had rained off and on during the night and when I arose at 5:00 AM this morning…it was raining hard! I was going to see if the bridge was still closed…but that will have to wait until later today when the rain decides to subside. I just didn’t feel like getting soaked just to satisfy my curiosity. My guess is that it is still closed.

According to, the weather forecast for today is “59 degrees…mostly cloudy……and a 75+% chance of thunderstorms”.

The long-range forecast for this area for the next week is sunny and warmer temperatures. I’m scheduled to leave this campground on Sunday…but I’ll remain in the same general weather area.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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