High Water Warnings Continue…

I’m still here at the Thousand Trails RV Resort in Morgan Hill, California.

The rains continue. Yesterday morning it rained hard until noon…then lightly off and on through the afternoon…

Yesterday afternoon at 2:30 PM, for the second time in three days, a park ranger came banging on my motorhome door and handed me this piece of paper…

Shortly thereafter I walked to the bridge about 250 feet away from my motorhome and sure enough…there was just about one foot of clearance between the water and the bridge.

So, did they close the bridge after dark???? I don’t know, as when I published this Blog entry at 5:30 AM this morning, it’s still dark outside and won’t be light enough to see for another couple of hours. Last night it started to rain once again about 7:00 PM and went on well into the night.

Today’s weather forecast according to accuweather.com is predicting…”61 degrees, windy with 1.55 inches of rain expected.”

Fortunately the end of the rainy weather is in sight…just another couple of days, then sunny and warm for all of next week is forecasted.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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