A Ghost From Out Of My Past…

Jim says:

Yesterday Mary and I traveled the about 75 miles from Yuma to Quartzsite, Arizona.

Along the way, about 50 miles north of Yuma and 25 miles south of Quartzsite in the middle of nowhere, all north-bound traffic is required to pass through this U.S. Border Patrol Station for inspection looking for illegal aliens and drugs.


Because we do not look suspicious, three easy questions and we were once again on our way. While an agent asks the questions of the driver, another agent with a drug-sniffing dog inspects the motorhome and towed vehicle.

Arriving in Quartzsite we pulled into La Posa South, a Bureau of Land Management long-term visitors area where my friends Jim and Joan are parked.

Jim and Joan look terrific for being in their late 70’s.

Mary had not met them before. We went out and enjoyed a nice lunch together.

Okay…now to the story of the day…
Upon entering La Posa South and before meeting up with Jim and Joan, we stopped to make a couple of phone calls and do a little computer research. I happen to look our of our dining area window and said to Mary…”There goes a motorhome that looks just like my old one!” As it went by, I then said…”It is my old motorhome!”

Ned Bedinger bought my old motorhome in September of 2009 and I haven’t seen it since then. I checked my computer and had one 360 area code number for Ned. Dialing it, I got his wife Jane in Washington who gave me his cell phone number. I called Ned and we made arrangements to meet nearby at 4:00 PM. Had we arrived five minutes later, we would have missed Ned going by where we had stopped!


We enjoyed a nice hour-long visit with Ned and seeing my old motorhome once again. He has made only a few minor changes. He told us he left Washington only about one week ago and had never been to Quartzsite before. He also told us the he and his wife and son are really enjoying their new-to-them motorhome and they have had not one problem with it.

I had bought my old motorhome in September of 1999 specifically in anticipation of my trip to Mexico and Central America which I accomplished in 2004.

I owned that motorhome for 10 years during which time I drove it about 100,000 miles. It brought back a lot of nice memories I had experienced in my RVing past!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2011
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2 thoughts on “A Ghost From Out Of My Past…

  1. I have been trying to get my wife to agree to go to quartzite In Jan or Feb when everyone goes. It sounds like it is a big deal, lots of stuff going on. She is not to keen on parking in the dirt for very long. Any suggestions?

    We are on a 5 month trip in our motorhome.

    Mark http://markandlauree.blogspot.com

    • ramblinmanjimj

      Hi Mark,

      I told Mary about your comments about your wife and she told me she wished we would go to Quartzsite once again…she loved it there! Tell your wife to just try it…250,000 RVers can’t be wrong!

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