Atop The San Andreas Fault

Jim says:

While working on yesterday’s Blog, I noticed that I was quite near the San Andreas Fault. I knew it was in this area somewhere nearby, but didn’t know quite where. In case you are not aware, it is the best known earthquake fault in California.

Well, a little research on the Internet and I found out it’s only a 10 minute drive or 7.5 miles distant. It’s only about 5 miles the way the crow flies..supposedly in a straight line from my current location at Thousand Trails RV Resort. It’s located in the Coachella Valley Preserve which is also a National Wildlife Preserve. It is also known as 1000 Palms Canyon.

In the first photo below, the black line indicates the San Andreas Fault in this area…


This next photo I used Google Earth to give you a different view…


Unfortunately (or better yet, fortunately), there are no gaping openings in the earth. In this photo I’m directly atop the fault looking southeast.


In this photo, I looking northwest…


You can find many websites on the internet by putting San Andreas Fault in the search box.

The following three links provide a lot of information about the fault in this, the Coachella Valley, area…

I looked around the Coachella Valley Preserve Visitors Center, but elected not to walk any of the trails until my life-partner Mary can join me on some future date.

To see the other 23 photos I took at the Visitors center, click this link…

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