When the weather gets rough, the tough think of summer. Not the weather wimp! He is miserable. Mostly because the woodstove chimney decided it needed a Chimney Sweep. One of those things I didn’t take care of during the summer. Maybe, because I was having a great time on the East Coast where I photographed these beaches.

This rocky, hidden beach is at Gay Head.  Many hidden spots like this one require a climb.

On Martha’s Vineyard, the beaches are friendlier, but not used very much in June.

The Western end of Martha’s vineyard has beaches, but people here seem more interested in clamming, sailing and fishing. But, its a beach.

Some people like to lie on the beach, relax and tan. Me?  I like to rock climb and then cool my toes, or clothes. The remoteness appeals to me as well.

Sun and sand has its fans.

Jim’s family spend a week or two at Rockyneck every year in Connecticut.

New Hampshire attracts sun lovers.

But, a beach is where you find it, no matter how rocky or small. These girls were taking advantage of every inch in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Life’s a beach! Especially when snow is on the horizon.

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