RV Trip Favorite Photos #325-327

Jim says:

While Mary and I are taking care of business here at her home…there is little “new stuff” to Blog about daily. So I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite photos from our recent 298 day, 16,000+ mile RV trip around the United States.

Since scenery and people snapshot-type photos require little special photography skills…and being limited by the abilities of my digital camera…I none the less took some photos that I really liked. They are presented in no special order of favoritism. If you desire to see more associated photos and information about this area, you will need to find this date in the archive files of this Blog.

Today’s photos were taken at the Amistad Exhibit at the Historical Society in New London, Connecticut on August 10, 2010……


In other news…
67 degrees, mostly sunny. Mary’s cd drive on her computer no longer works. So I burned 7 cd’s of her photos from January-April 2010 on my computer. In addition I did more cleaning on the motorhome interior as well as re-hung the ladder and my bicycle on the motorhome in preparation for leaving in 12 days.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2010
My three books may be purchased at http://www.lulu.com
Just enter Jim Jaillet in the search box.

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