On the road, a person can get into signs in a big way, which I do. I like humorous ones, particularly, but my quirks of personality lead me to various others. I lament the ones I missed because we were moving; they turn out blurry; or because its inconvenient to stop a big rig at that moment given traffic and so on. But, the couple in this video very determinedly took pictures of all welcome-to-our-state signs. Many obviously shot from a moving vehicle. You can see the results on the following link:

Nicely done. In years past travelers bought stickers, available at every gas station convenience store, from each state they passed through. Folks would stick them to their car windows or rig. Few people expected to get to all 48 contiguous states. Then, people weren’t quite as mobile as they are now. A neighbor of mine collected spoons from each state. They get cumbersome after awhile. The pictures, though, are a great keepsake like postcards of the past. Economical, harmless fun.

As a beer drinker, I find a sign like this on a hot day a compelling beacon to stop.

This sign kind of twiggles the senses, its funny but to the point.

This is a road sign but I can’t help but think of some kind of exotic sandwich when I look at it.

It takes a second to decide if this onion is an octopus in disguise or not.

And FAITH is hard to come by in this sign. It took some concentration to get an A out of the second letter and the T looked much like a V. One thing, these signs remind us how lucky we are for American affluence, that we have the leisure to enjoy such innocent pursuits.

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