Home is busy time, and once again I enjoy looking back at favorite places. The small town of Franklin, Louisiana was one of those. Not only did we find friendly people there, but much that was unique about it. It has moss covered trees with old antibellum mansions, but its more than that. Its modern and up-to-date, yet ageless, with great history…well, lets let the pictures speak.

A fancy building facade from 1892.

A modern clock hangs off the side of a Main St. building.

Decorative curbside lighting allows theater patrons to disembark their cars at night without stumbling on the curb.

Old time wrought iron graces this building.

The tires, the tires! Amazing tires. Not junk. It tells of an agricultural presence.

I wonder who stacked these babies.

Their old jail had windows, with bars on them, but at least a view.

A nifty museum chock full of interesting stuff. I liked the doily and old silver jewelry.

And giant wooden gears from old machinery.

Mardi Gras costumes hide out in every little town in Louisiana.

LeJeune’s is still in operation and is on the National Historic Registry. If the light is on, they still have bread available. We got there in time.

Maybe not a popular thing everywhere, but they kind of revere their Confederate past.

Citizens here knew two wars. I got a kick out of the “friendly behavior.”  I guess a prisoner of war camp in the U.S. was preferred to starving in Germany.

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  1. Hi just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i?ve landed on your blog in the last 3 weeks looking for completely unrelated things. Great Info! Keep up the good work.

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