Driving from Lovelock to Reno was uneventful except to say, it is a boring drive. With only 100 miles to go, we skimmed into town early in the day.

The freeway sound barrier replicates the surrounding hills in a very artistic way. Married here in 1960, I’ve visited Sin City many times since over the years. It may have lost its reputation for being Sin City, but that is how it was known for many years because you could get married in a day, without a blood test. And you could get divorced in 6 weeks without a problem. Plus, they had legal prostitution here at the Mustang Ranch. I’ve always been spoiled by high class entertainment, great food and fun so close to home. Now, of course, there are Indian Casinos in everyone’s neighborhood, but nothing quite compares to the thrill of visiting Reno.

We set up at “The Bunker”, an old VFW here in Reno. It feels strange, somehow, to park next to a building and look over the roof. The motor home is taller than the building because the original plan was for a two story building. They ran out of money and roofed over the in-ground lower floor.

Located five minutes walk from the Virginia Street Casinos, we enjoyed the best buffet in Reno at Atlantis. Voted best by the local patrons according to a sign in the restaurant. Quality food. I like eating great tasting entrees that I do not cook in the motor home. Good fish choices, shrimp cocktail, tamales like home made, pot stickers,egg rolls, marinated mushrooms, that buffet jumble like a pot luck. Even tried dessert, key lime tart and wonderful bread pudding among a dozen choices.
We were set to meet Jim’s friend, Randy Vining, who got delayed but we enjoyed the cool breeze, relaxing, reading and doing small computer chores until dark.

For being in the middle of a big city, it was very quiet and cozy at our little spot as guests of the VFW.

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