Three Unusual Happenings That Ended In Hastings, Nebraska

Jim says:

Today was a rather unusual day. We departed Maryville, Missouri at 9:00 AM and I was at the wheel as we went down U.S. Highway 136 West. About 1.5 hours later we passed through the last town in Missouri by the name of Rock Port. We were expecting to cross the Missouri River into Nebraska in just a few miles when we came upon a huge fluorescent orange warning sign that stated…

(It didn’t say why this was so…just those words)

Before we knew it we were passed the sign and did not get a picture of it. Nonetheless…we had a problem as our motorhome is 8’6″ wide…not including the mirrors! What to do???

I pulled into a large gas station parking lot to assess the situation. Since we could not cross the Missouri River on Highway 36 I decided to head northwest on Interstate Highway 29. On we went for 20+ miles until we came to U.S. Highway 2 which finally allowed us across the Missouri River. Mary snapped this photo of the Missouri River with my camera. This is the very river boated by the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


Once across the river we followed Highway 2 for a quite a while which unfortunately heads North to Lincoln…and we wanted to go West! Finally I found a way to avoid downtown Lincoln and got on U.S. Highway 6 headed West. That detour took us approximately 100 miles out of our way and was the first of today’s three unusual happenings.


Next happening was the weather. Once across the Missouri River a light misty rain began and continued off-and-on for the remainder of the day. The unusual part was the temperature which was a high of only 70 degrees! The most delightful temperature we’ve experienced in a LONG TIME! It was wonderful not being in all the heat and humidity we’ve experienced for so long! That was unusual happening #2.

I drove 165 miles in 4.5 hours when Mary took over the wheel in Friend, Nebraska heading for our day’s destination of Hastings about 65 miles distant. The terrain in Nebraska so far has not been as hilly as Missouri. Pretty near every little town has some of these huge grain silos…


Finally we arrived in Hastings and pulled into the parking lot of American Legion Post #11. I went inside to ask permission to park for the night. I was greeted by the Manager Deneeta Svoboda who readily granted permission. She soon was telling me the story of how this American Legion Post will be closing on September 30th. I found out she had a beer that Mary would like and went out to the motorhome to fetch her. To make along story short, Deneeta turned out to be a bubbly, effervescent type of gal with whom we were soon chatting like we had known her all of our lives. A really fun gal…Mary and she hit it off just grandly. We were the only customers in the place so it was really easy to chat.

Among the things we talked about was Deneeta’s cleanliness of the place She proudly boasted of the cleanest public bar restrooms we could ever find. I checked out the mens room and by golly you could eat off of the floor. Here’s the photo to prove it…


Here’s the unusual part…I stayed two hours and had two Miller Lites in that time then left to go out to the motorhome to get something to eat. You need to understand…Mary is a one beer drinker. By time I left she had had two beers, a shot of Irish Whiskey and was drinking a scotch and water. After a total of 4.5 hours she finally returned to the motorhome! She confessed to having two more scotch and waters after I left. So, that’s unusual happening #3. Mary just does not drink like that. She told me more than once…”I’m smashed”. She said she drank a lot of water during the night but appears to be fine this morning. Here’s a photo of Mary and Deneeta…


I got the feeling Mary must have really been needing some girl time instead of hanging around me all the time!

Another fun day in the full-Time RVing lifestyle. As I’ve said before…it’s a lousy job, but someone’s got to do it!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2010
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