Portuguese Feast – New Bedford, Massachusetts – Day 3

Jim says…

Yesterday weather-wise was decent. Partly cloudy skies, 81 degrees and moderate humidity. It was also another long and fun-filled day.

First event of the day took us down to the state pier in New Bedford to see the once-upon-a-time Portuguese Cod-Fishing vessel…The Gazela. Gazela is living history…originally built in 1883…she is believed to be the oldest square-rigger in the United States still sailing. She is home-ported in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This photo of Gazela was taken from a photo on the Gazela…


The cook in his galley (navy-speak for kitchen)…


And Mary at the helm (navy-speak for steering wheel)…


Here’s the Gazela’s official website link…

Here are two other links about Gazela…

Next stop (not associated with the Portuguese Feast) was at Gene’s Famous Seafoods across the river in Fairhaven to indulge, one final time, in a meal of the world’s best Fish & Chips! Mary had the clam chowder.


Then to the final event of the Portuguese Feast (for us)…the parade.

Here Mary anxiously awaits the parade…


Here are four other photos from the parade…


The final stop of the day was at my cousin Mike’s home in East Freetown…

He’s an avid kayaker…


Mary took her first solo drive(?) of a kayak…


Cousin Mike with family and friends…


And finally, a portrait shot of Mike’s Boston Terrier Vinnie who is a boundless ball of energy and kept us amused during our visit.


To see the other 57 photos I took yesterday, click this link…

It was a full and fun day. We arrived back to the motorhome at 9:00 PM.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2009
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