Hot Stuff!!!!

Jim says:

Yesterday at 6:00 AM it was 75 degrees. I decided to unhook the 50 foot 20 amp extension cord and replace it with a 25 foot 30 amp extension cord so I could run the air-conditioner in the motorhome. I set the thermostat at 75 degrees and turned it on at 8:00 AM. My son is away on a business trip and won’t be running over my extension cord with his car.

All closed up for the hot day.

During the course of the day, according to my son’s weather station, the temperature reached 104 degrees in the shade! The humidity was horrid! The air-conditioner ran steadily all day long and despite the thermostat being set at 75 degrees, the mid-afternoon temperature reached 91 degrees in the motorhome. At 9:00 PM the outside temperature was down to 83 degrees, so I shut off the air-conditioner for the night. With the exception of visiting with my son’s family for a few minutes, I spent the day in the motorhome, read my book and did some computer research about our forthcoming return trip to California. We’re scheduled to depart August 15th. Planning the route is almost as much fun as the trip itself!

During the course of the day yesterday, my 12-year-old grandson Eric stopped by to give me another texting lesson. His battery on his cellphone is on its last legs so I went online an ordered one for him as an early birthday present. He will become a genuine teenager on August 11th. His new girlfriend Haley came by and I had a chance to meet and chat with her. Hmmm…life has changed. I didn’t have my first girlfriend until I was 16.

Eric & Haley

At 5:00 AM when I arose this morning it was 81 degrees in the motorhome. On went the air-conditioning. The forecast for today is 90 degrees…still to hot for my liking!

My life-partner Mary has dubbed me the Weather Wimp as I really start to complain when the weather gets out of the 65-75 degree range. It’s hard for me to believe that in 2004 I made a 16,000+ mile, 343 day, RV trip through Mexico and Central America where most of the days were like yesterday and I elected not to use my air-conditioning because I wanted to have a genuine Central America experience. She’s right…I’ve become a Weather Wimp! If I wasn’t here in New England visiting my family and friends…I’d be in the State of Washington where I usually spend my summers. It was 75 degrees there yesterday. Just the right temperature!

Eric and I have made plans to attend a minor league baseball game tomorrow. It starts at 12:05 PM and hopefully it won’t be too hot! The forecast is for 82 degrees.

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2009
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