You Can’t Get From Here To There…

Jim says:

Connecticut to California…without some of these.


With nothing special on the agenda for yesterday, I spent the morning hours, before it got to hot, working on the routes we’ll take back to California. Our departure date is set for August 15th and our arrival date is planned to be not later than October 15th.

I’m currently in my fifth back-to-the-east-coast trip since 1996. I try to take a different route and for the most part one I’ve not taken before.

Many years ago TV journalist and RVer Charles Kuralt was quoted as saying…”We live in an amazing country. You can now travel from coast-to-coast and not see a thing!”. Meaning the Interstate Highway System. It’s a great way to go if one is in a hurry, but we’re not in a hurry! So we’ll avoid the Interstate Highway System whenever possible and instead travel the back roads of America. It will take us about two months to travel the about 3,500 miles.

In other news…
On my son’s weather station yesterday at 5:00 PM it read 102.6 degrees. After completing my map work, I retreated to my son’s air-conditioned house and spent the remainder of the day reading John Grisham’s The Last Juror.

It’s supposed to be even hotter today! The Weather Channel has issued a weather alert for today (for this area) warning of a heat index (the combination of heat and humidity feeling like a temperature) of 100 to 104. My son tells me that it’s always hotter where his home is located than the area forecast.

The Weather Wimp…that’s me says…”YUK,YUK,YUK,YUK!”.

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