My 12-Year-Old Grandson Is Teaching Me How To Text!

Jim says:

Everybody in my son’s family texts like crazy all the time. I tried it a couple of time…found (I thought) that it was too much of a pain to mess with. After all. I use my cell phone to make telephone calls!

My 12-year-old grandson is a text wizard and he decided that I need to know how to text, so he stopped by yesterday to give me some texting lessons. The first thing he did was to restructure my phone to make it easier to text. It wasn’t long before I was texting!

I held my camera at arm’s length to get this photo.

Granted, I’m not yet as fast as my grandson, but with a little bit of practice…and I’m sure more lessons are forthcoming.

In other news…
Saturday night we went to a July 4th party at a neighbor’s house just up the street. The party was given by a guy who is a Connecticut State Trooper. It was the tenth year in a row that he’s done so. I went when I was here in 2007. He invites all his neighbors and friends. There were several hundred people in attendance! At 10:00 PM he put on a huge fireworks show that lasted. for a half-hour and must have cost him $1,000! Quite a show and quite a party!


Yesterday my son and his family went to his wife’s sister’s home for the day. I opted to have a quiet day for myself and stayed at home. The heat and humidity have returned. It’s forecasted to be heavy-duty for the next week and the weather wimp…that’s me…is saying “Triple Yuk!”.

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