From Mary’s Desk:

The family continues to arrive:

Daughter Kristanne. We call her the Princess of Bling!!!

Her boys, Austin The Red, and  Alec Two Fork, the turbo eater, who is 17 going on 25. (He has two hollow legs.)

Daughter Virginia,  busily cooking dinner-

Daughter-in-law Laurie, also busily cooking dinner. I’m so lucky to have four gourmet cooks in the family. Virginia, Laurie, Doug and Cedric. Kristanne does open and pour cooking. Ken can do pancakes and eggs.

The results, ratatoule, ricotta stuffed shells, and jambalaya and a salad. Cookies and ice cream for desert.
The day was spent playing on the trampoline, fluming, card games, dominoes, practicing guitar and uke, squirt gun wars, and in general, “hanging out”.
The line of the day came from 10 year old grandson Owen, “I think you shouldn’t be required to like zuchinni until you are 15 years old”
Eight year old Theo wanted to show his domino magic:


For more family photos click the link below

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