Hello, Cape Cod!

Jim says:

Yesterday we took the ferry from the island of Martha’s Vineyard and arrived at the VFW in Hyannis. I last stayed here in 2007. We have an electrical hook-up and because of the very convenient central location on Cape Cod expect to be here for about a week. We’ll explore the cape using the Bronco on day trips.

Our parking spot at the VFW in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

This location marks the planned eastern-most point of travel for the motorhome during our current trip. Here’s a Google Earth view…

The VFW is centrally located on Cape Cod.

Today we had a stroke of good luck. We were booked on the 1:30 PM ferry from Vineyard Haven to Woods Hole, Massachusetts. We could have lounged around the campground until around noon-time, then head down to the ferry landing. Instead, we decided to leave the campground around 10:40 and arrived at the ferry dock ten minutes later. I asked the check-in attendant if we might get on an earlier ferry and he said he would get us on the noon ferry. Great! So we parked in our designated spot and waited. We were first in line.

Some time later an attendant motioned us to drive onto the ferry. When we were on the ramp, I handed another attendant our boarding pass which was for the 1:30 PM ferry. He said he thought we had tickets for the noon ferry. I said no, the check-in attendant said he would get us on the noon ferry. He said…there ain’t no one but me who says who gets on the ferry! But we were already on the boarding ramp and I cannot backup with the Bronco attached. After a brief deliberation he told us to drive aboard. We were on the noon ferry!

We approach the receiving dock at Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

After arriving at the VFW, I fired up my computer to check for Emails and found that at 9:41 AM, I had gotten a message telling me the 1:30 ferry had been canceled due to mechanical problems! Who knows how long we might to have waited before we got to leave Martha’s Vineyard? Truly…fate was on our side today!

All original material Copyright – Jim Jaillet 2010
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