Leaving the cousin “spoilers” yesterday, we headed for Marthas Vineyard. Everyone describes it as beautiful and appealing with no fast food places or billboards. Its expensive to bring cars on the island so traffic is light. At one time the best mode of transportation on the island for day visitors was hitchhiking. The locals biked. They now have a good bus system.

We’re hauling our motor home over on the freight ferry with the trucks that deliver goods. We spent the night at Buzzards Bay; walked around town under a huge black cloud that rained in the distance. A railroad bridge over the Cape Cod Canal, connects the island with the rest of Massachusetts. This bridge lifts up 135 feet to allow boats under it. It was put in service by the WPA in 1935 and for many years was the longest lift span in the world. Now, at 544 feet, its the second longest. Its a beauty.

Five trains a day still run over this amazing bridge. We parked at the Eagles Club in Buzzards Bay and had an impromptu concert by a bagpiper. Later the drummers came to practice as well. How cool is that?

Yesterday, I promised a recipe for French meat pie, and here it is:
You make a double pie crust, a bit short. The filling:
Brown a half lb. ground pork and half lb ground beef, 90% lean, if you can get it. Mix in one chopped onion and a stalk of celery and continue cooking until soft. Salt to taste.Then add to the pan two large previously cooked russet potatoes, mashed but unseasoned. Stir this around until everything is well mixed. Add a bit of water if it seems dry. It should be the consistency of hash.  Season liberally with poultry seasoning, about a 1/2 package of Bells. Then a tsp each of nutmeg and cinnamon. Fill the pie, top with crust, and bake for an hour at 350*. Hope yours turns out as good as mine. Better second day if you can leave it alone that long.

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3 thoughts on “MOVING ON AND A RECIPE

  1. wow, sounds wonderful. I love pipers 🙂 the recipe sounds great too, will have to give it a try sometime.

    • 2gadabout

      Love the name. Do you keep bees?
      Got a hive, once, never followed through.

      • my husband would like to keep bees, i’ve always been afraid of them because I’m allergic. it is a cute story though i won’t share it here (long too) but it’s a nickname hubby gave me at our first trapper’s convention. I went to humor him and ended up getting bit by the bug, so I became his “trapper honey”

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